Salon Erotix Mons

Posté le 2017/06/03

Erotix Show Mons I visited the show ErotixMons, where I meet the producer and my friend David Beffer, due to him I’ve met Oliver Sweet, Sweet Poduction, Max Casanov who is a great and noble actor. 

I had the opportunity to participate in the lesbian show of the Theater of Machine Production, and even crossed the actress Anna Polina. I have even  get a pleasure of meeting one of my first fans! 

I invite you to find this story in pic’s , in my new photo gallery.


Mons Erotix Show

Posté le 2017/06/01


I will visit this Saturday, 3rd of June  the Mons erotic show. 

Don’t be in two minds to come and meet me

New Rating

Posté le 2017/06/01


What  a nice surprise this morning I’ve discovered that the ranking of the best sales has changed again ...

so  one of my movies took the first place! 

I will not say enough: thank you all, my fans, for your following and support in my adventure!

Meeting with MariskaXXX and David Beffer

Posté le 2017/05/30

I get a great pleasure ,I’ve spent my  afternoon Tuesday 30 th May with two Belgian cinema directors.

The well-known producer MariskaX and the not less known David Beffer. 

From this beautiful meeting should be born a future collaboration ... 

To be continued...

My 2 first movies

Posté le 2017/05/24

After only a week, my movies knows a great success, thanks to my plety fans who follow me already. I’m on the second and third places in the best sales of my producer.  

I spend a lot of time on the social networks to talk and to say thanks to you all ,who brings me so much support and makes my career undoubted .  

Let me say thank you once again,  if  you have bought my movies,  if  you do some advertise for me, or simply if  you react to my publications on Facebook and Twitter. 

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